Highest quality, cheapest prices

Ensuring that the best quality of medical products reach every individual through highly efficient quality assurance

Quality Assurance

Set up in 2017, Anglica Health Care has arisen as one of the main PCD Pharma companies in the Indian market within just a year. This massive success in the pharmaceutical niche is driven by Anglica’s innovation driven developments in the medical field, followed by its effective quality assured products. Anglica aims to provide every individual of the country with affordable medical products whenever they need them, thus ensuring the overall well-being of the population.

Well established world-class testing facilities and teams of reputed professionals make sure that every single product undergoes a thorough quality assurance check. The cost-effective and scientifically proven methodologies make our products extremely affordable, thus enabling them to be highly reliable and extremely accessible.

Access the best medical products at minimum costs

As an emerging market leader in the Indian pharmaceutical market, Anglica Health Care is driven by our commitment to deliver optimum medical support to every individual of our country. Our distribution channels go beyond our national boundaries, and aim at creating a global community that provides a healthy environment through our reliable products.

Our Aim

Anglica aims to create high-quality pharma products that would help in the establishment of a healthy society in its budget.

Quality Control Process

We ensure supreme quality products through our strict quality control procedure that includes thorough step-by-step inspection and testing processes.

Experienced Team

The research, development, and manufacturing of our medical products are conducted by expert teams of highly skilled industry professionals, who focus on creating the best, safe & reliable medical solutions.

ISO Certified

As an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company according to WHO-GMP Standard Products, Anglica Health Care guarantees the optimum quality of products by adopting unparalleled quality assurance techniques.

Delivering reliable drugs through technology-based control

Anglica Health Care follows a strict quality assurance process that utilizes advanced technology-based development for the manufacturing of the product. The scientifically validated approach headed by committed and dedicated professionals makes sure that risks of errors, as well as possibilities of future problems, are thoroughly minimized. This ensures the distribution of the best quality of reliable medical products through secure means, and thus significantly contributes to a healthy society.

Expert execution

Tech-based testing

Safe & secure

Certified products

Community well being

Safe delivery

Anglica Health Care is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company according to WHO-GMP Standard Products and is trusted by leading doctors, medical professionals, and hospitals of the country. At Anglica, our aim is to create a healthy environment that is prepared to fight and overpower the ailments of the 21st century. Keeping this in mind, we follow technology-based innovative development processes that enable us to deliver the supreme quality of medical products at least possible prices. Through our quality assurance, we thoroughly ensure that the products are up to market standards and perfectly safe. With the help of our national and emerging international distribution channels, we make drugs and other medical products easily accessible to common people at affordable prices.

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